Investing in film, TV, or a web series shouldn't be a guaranteed tax write-off. Being a part of the growing media industry should be exciting and deeply gratifying, resulting in projects the backers and makers can be proud of, both in the creation and on the red carpet at its premiere.

Every year, thousands of Colorado philanthropists invest millions in the arts--theater, fine arts, music. What they aren't yet investing in is film, but it's not for lack of opportunity. This is because many of the films being developed in Colorado aren't ready for this kind of high-level involvement.

Thousands of Colorado artists want to produce media projects.

There is no deficit of desire, or talent, or even skills. What is often lacking is the business know-how to align with the industry standards that better ensure success.

The connection between viable investment opportunities and smartly-designed, market-ready productions is what is missing in Colorado.

It's a bridge waiting to be built, and CoSFIC is building it.

What investors and media-makers should know
For every screen medium (film, TV, online), there is a very specific list of criteria audiences seek, festivals and distributors respond to--and therefore what investors should be targeting when evaluating a project to support.

The members of CoSFIC know what criteria makes a project competitive in the marketplace and we know how to fulfill it. We've delivered it on dozens of projects.

CoSFIC wants to raise Colorado independent media-making to a higher level, one that is viable for meaningful financing.

The best way to do that is to educate. CoSFIC's goal is to share our knowledge and raise the industry.

    • We want to give media-makers the know-how to elevate their productions.
    • We want to educate arts supporters about what they should expect of the projects they invest in.

Where we go from here
The CoSFIC Coalition's first Supporters Event is the
Tales in Food & Financing with Chef Kevin Jones in October of 2015, where CoSFIC Advisors explore the ingredients for a smart film investment and a delicious recipe made live by Chef Jones. To read more about this event, see our Events page.

Each year, CoSFIC will stage 2-3 events for the arts investment community throughout Colorado, pairing with a local entertainment component--a guided spirits tasting, a chef teaching her favorite dish, a musician or a painter sharing their art.

CoSFIC's other mission is to educate and elevate local media-makers. Our first event was the Want Film Financing? class at the SIE Film Center in July. We are following up this overview class with a highly-intensive 6-week class that will mentor 8 producers in improving the quality of their projects and readying them for investment and production (see the Classes page). With a rotating roster of instructors from our CoSFIC Advisors board, we intend to stage 3-4 seminars a year across Colorado, partnering with other film and video organizations on behalf of their members, and at least one intensive 6-week class each year.

If you're ready to learn how to be an informed, successful, and pioneering part of the growing Colorado media industry, send us an email at trai@cosfic.com.