Knowing what audiences you want your media project to reach--and how you plan to get there--is your film's single greatest selling point. We want to show you how to get there.

Without an established studio system or production infrastructure, it can be frustratingly difficult for Colorado media-makers to connect meaningfully with investors. It can also make the pathway to distribution seem daunting, if not impossible. And without distribution, there is no audience and no return on investment.

But media-making in Colorado doesn't have to be impossible. Artists and businesspeople across the nation achieve success in this difficult field all the time.

It's time to demystify the process and bring this knowledge to Colorado. It's time we made movies that are competitive in the marketplace.

Demystifying the Process

Colorado's media industry may be nascent, but the established methods for attracting significant financing can still be applied to your production. CoSFIC offers classes across Colorado taught by professional film/TV/media producers who will break down the process of designing a production that will:

    • Be attractive to investors
    • Ease your way into the marketplace
    • Help secure distribution
    • Utilize marketing tools to maximize that distribution

It's about working backward -- knowing how you will connect to your audience. This plan of action helps assure investors that you know your business and how to capitalize on their investment.

How's Colorado's Media Industry?

There's plenty of talk about the burgeoning Colorado film industry, but not a lot of metrics to prove it true. The current Colorado media-making community are the dreamers and doers who'll make a thriving media industry a reality--but only if we can be competitive.

The CoSFIC Coalition is convinced Colorado's independent media-making community is ready to make the leap to a more competitive level, and that the way to do it is to address the industry standards required to be successful.

And what is success? Finding your audience.

How do you do that? Increasingly, distributors are the gatekeepers in the independent media world, and addressing the criteria of what makes for a desirable property should be part of the development process. Before you've even picked up a camera.

This applies to film, TV shows, and even web series. The growth in these areas is absolutely radical. New teleplay writers and TV producers are invited to play in what was once a closed medium, and the internet is the Wild West--anyone with a vision can be successful.

How do you get there?

With all the astonishing talent in Colorado, it's time for our community to more consistently work at this level. If we want more media in our great state, we need to connect our stories with the needs and expectations of audiences, and thus investors and distributors.

The business of independent film, TV, and web series is not difficult to understand, and the artful, thoughtful application of business methodology can make all the difference in securing financing, maximizing on that budget, delivering a successful project, and building a brighter media future for us all.

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