With all the astonishing talent in Colorado, it's time for our community to work more consistently at a marketplace-viable and competitive level. If we want more media in our great state, we need to connect our stories with the needs and expectations of investors and distributors.

The business of independent film, TV, and web series is not difficult to understand, and the artful, thoughtful application of business methodology can make all the difference in securing financing, delivering a successful project, and building a brighter media future for us all.

Understanding what those requirements are--whether you are a media-maker or an investor--is the crucial first step. Our Classes and Events open the conversation to everyone, allowing all interested to educate themselves so that they might work better together in the future.

"There was so much useful guys are head and shoulders above anything else I've seen in Denver."

Producing Media for the Marketplace

The right tools, the right guidance -- your stories! Let us mentor you in developing your project for production. There is no other class like this in Colorado!

What makes for a successful film, TV, documentary, or web series? Designing a marketplace-ready production!

It’s the only chance producers have to land financing, connect to our audiences, make back our investments, and build a career platform.
This intensive 6-week class is an utterly unique think-tank and mentorship. We guide our producers as they design their production (or future production) for the best possible outcome.

We’ll discuss in depth all the important issues determining your project’s marketplace success, from development and distribution to production and budgeting tricks, fund-raising strategies and marketing campaigns. This is all about YOUR show!
Capped at 8 filmmakers.
6 Saturdays, 1PM - 5PM
Sept 24 - Oct. 29
1101 W. Mineral Ave., Littleton, Denver

Fee: $575
Taught by Art Thomas, Trai Cartwright.
Pay and Register Here.

CoSFIC Smart Investment Presents
Tales in Food & Financing
with Chef Kevin Jones

Just what are the ingredients for a smart film investment?
Join other curious arts supporters for a tasty evening as Chef Jones first gives us a lesson in cooking and then a range of
established filmmakers will share their insights about what constitutes a wise media investment, what questions to ask when kicking the tires of a project, what ROI and distribution expectations truly are, and how to be the best possible investor-partner.

Invite-Only Event
Coming soon!

If you want to know what makes for a smart media investment, email us and we'll put you on the list for the next CoSFIC Supporter event.


Testimonials for the Producing Media for the Marketplace Class

"The quality of information you provided was exceptional! Not only was it complete and easy to use such as links and ideas for searching, but for people like me who wouldn't know where to begin, it was essential in helping me begin to build the knowledge and vocabulary I need to proceed."

"Both of you strove to deliver every single element you thought necessary to further our respective projects. You also brought unbridled enthusiasm to the class - you were ON every minute - and we felt it. As a practical matter, I feel 'downloaded' with that which I need to know to take the steps necessary to produce a film - and feel I have additional resources to continue my education and find the "parts necessary" to reach my particular goals.
I can't imagine the class being better."

"You guys just blew me away with your spirit and enthusiasm. Prior to that, getting a feature length script produced seemed like a distant plant. Now I have the tools to make it happen. Both of you exceeded my wildest expectations. With your spirit and drive, Colorado will see success in developing a better environment for film production. I certainly hope to be part of that process."

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