Why join the Coalition?
Because we are changing the way Colorado makes media. Without meaningful education and networking across all levels and players, we may never create the kind of significant industry that will guarantee we can continue doing what we love in a place we adore.

It's time to stop talking about the burgeoning industry and start building it.

As media-makers, the Coalition sees the value of educating and bridge-building by telling our stories and sharing our wisdom with aspiring Colorado filmmakers and interested arts supporters.

Is this a mission you can believe in?

Have you successfully raised financing for a project? Did one of your projects feature top-tier talent? Did you do the festival circuit? Landed distribution? Maybe you've pitched a TV show or a web series and partnered with a production company to make it.

If you think you might be a match for CoSFIC, drop us an email. We'd love to share with you how membership can enhance your work as well as your industry. An exceptional, competitive, elevated Colorado media production industry--that's something we all benefit from.

What's the commitment?
Twice a year, you'll be asked to teach a class or present at a Supporters Event. Share your expertise. Create the future.
















CoSFIC's Advisors are professional media-makers. The Coaltion is a collective resource of experienced, successful businesspeople and mentors whose projects have:

    • Secured millions of dollars in financing
    • Featured top-tier actors and crew
    • Garnered major festival exposure
    • Landed theatrical, DVD, and cable distribution
    • Won critical acclaim and awards

CoSFIC Advisors know how to develop, package, cast, crew, budget, produce, market, contract, and deliver.

CoSFIC's goal is to combine and disseminate our knowledge base in an effort to elevate the media-making potential in Colorado. We know it's time to build the bridge between professional expertise and our fellow media-makers' aspirations.

The only way to develop Colorado's media industry is to demonstrate that it's successful. The only way to be successful is to make media that is competitive in the marketplace. Helping to create a professional, business-minded community is CoSFIC's mission.

Our Advisors pledge to offer classes to those who want to rise higher in this ultra-competitive industry. We are dedicated to educating potential investors on identifying and developing the most viable opportunities.

The Coalition offers guidance at all levels, and while we are neither representatives nor producers looking for projects, we know that by illuminating the path of others, our entire community will be elevated.

Want to join?


Trai Cartwright,
MFA, is a 25-year entertainment industry professional. As a Hollywood development executive, Trai has consulted on thousands of screenplays for HBO, Fox, Paramount, Universal, and New Line. She has produced three indie movies and optioned her own screenplays to Academy- and Emmy-award winning producers. In addition, she was Assistant Director of Leonardo DiCaprio's online ventures and the Manager of 20th Century Fox Mobile Studios. She currently teaches screenwriting, creative writing, and film studies at Colorado Film School and University of Northern Colorado, and consults one-on-one with novelists and screenwriters across the nation. She also is the creator of the Colorado Script Exchange (www.coscriptexchange.com) Trai can be found at www.craftwrite.com.
Art Thomas, MBA, brings more than 22 years of international business experience in over 42 countries to the process. His unique perspective and creativity offers an innovative approach to the industry. The recipient of a Telly and a People’s Choice Award, Art has co-produced The Shadow Walkers, a film distributed by Lionsgate. Art was selected as one of 20 Diversity Fellows for the N.A.T.P.E. LATV Conference. In 2010, he was selected by the Governor’s office as one of 40 industry experts to participate on Colorado’s Creative Economy Panel representing the TV and film sector. In addition to writing and producing, Art teaches at numerous Colorado institutions of higher learning including Metropolitan State University of Denver, The Colorado Film School, and the University of Denver. www.mainmanfilms.com


Kevin Shand
is a Producer and partner in Main Man Films based in Englewood, Colorado. He joined Main Man Films in 2011 after spending almost a decade as a film commissioner in California and Colorado. Kevin was one of the first six film commissioners globally to earn the designation of "Certified Film Commissioner" from the Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI). He has also served as a member of the AFIC Board of Directors and various AFCI committees including the Locations Trade Show, Cineposium and Membership committees. Kevin's efforts lead to the filming "Imagine That" and "Resurrecting the Champ" in Denver in addition to countless commercials and still photo shoots. www.mainmanfilms.com
Steve Roberts has been creating, producing and directing film and video productions for more than 16 years. Creative and versatile, his work has garnered more than 5 national Telly Awards, four regional Emmy Awards, SIAA Gold Medal Award and a national finalist designation from the Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau. His experience includes production of documentaries, creation of television commercial campaigns, creation of television programs, production of short films and music videos. Roberts is highly skilled at operating a broad variety of film and video cameras and editing equipment. His sharply honed technical skills and talent for creative storytelling produce polished and entertaining results. www.crescentsunpictures.com
David Charmatz founded Mediaxiom LLC, a media consultancy and multi-platform production company, in 2010. Charmatz is an expert in research, marketing, original programming; new programming models; broadband video and infrastructure; multi-platform displays; interactive media; and media ecosystems. Charmatz has also worked for Starz Entertainment in a variety senior executive positions. He also was the EVP/COO of ASI Entertainment, the premiere televisual media research and analysis firm in L.A. As VP of Site Planning for Nickelodeon Online, Charmatz planned the design of the Nick Jr. Parents, Nick at Nite, and TV Land websites. In addition, he held positions at MTV Networks, A&E TV Networks, and Turner Broadcasting. He currently serves as the SVP of the Global Down Syndrome Foundation and Chief Product Officer of IWT, Inc. www.mediaxiom.com